What to do during a Pandemic?

Consider spending more time to learn and utilize your home, or home office laser machine. It's a great time for a beam alignment, done properly, and honing your skills for laser machine setup and operation.  Our Mahoney brand devices are available for online purchase then delivery during a novel coronavirus pandemic.  Also, take a look at our Mahoney Air Disinfection device ( explainer video ) to add to your disinfection tools during the virus impact (see menu listing on the left).

New Product - CO2 Laser Visualization

for Beam Alignment

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CO2 Laser Beam Alignment Visualization Tool for Laser Engravers

Speedier2020, a great year to upgrade your laser cutter engraver so that you have the power you need to grow your business.

CO2 Laser Engraver/Cutter powered UP!Take advantage of our stock of USA made lasers by Synrad, Coherent, and ULS. Many users are doing it. While supplies last

Rev Up your laser machine, get the power!

Rev up your CO2 laser engraver with a Bell Laser upgrade kit

Upgrade Kits for Epilog, GCC, ULS

Upgrade ULS to 50 watts with trade-in:  $3100 

Upgrade Epilog to 70 watts with trade-in: $4900  (new RF laser)

Upgrade GCC to 120 watts with trade-in: $7300

Chinese Laser Machines

Equipped with 500 watt Coherent Laser: $29,000

Equipped with 240 watt Synrad Laser: $26,400

Get the laser power output that you need to run your laser cutting and laser engraving items by UPGRADING to a higher power laser. Take advantage of our gas refilled metal laser tubes, that are sold at a deep discount. And for you Chinese laser machine owners, we have glass tube upgrades as well. Find your brand and pricing on our e-commerce site.  And Chinese machine owners tired of buying RECI replacements are switching over to metal tubes with our upgrades.  Inquire today. 

S E E    B E L O W   F O R   F I N A N C I N G

Synrad T100 installed in Chinese Laser Machine

Improve your Chinese laser engraver quality. Our supersonin c velocity focus assembly will bring your laser cutting experience up several notches.  You can add high air pressure to 100 PSI, adjust nozzle standoff distance from the material (while focus length remains the same).   Click here for details.

Supersonic Nozzle mounted on RETROFIT focus assembly Chinese Cutters/Engravers

Do you know why Epilog and Trotec and other western made machines produce higher quality laser processed parts?--Try our laser beam expander-collimator kit to add on to your Chinese laser machine. Begin your improvement now by gaining the same devices used by these manufacturers.

Chinese laser machinery owners, cutting metal. Contact us for support and enhancements to improve your laser cutting machine.

$100 support charge on Chinese Laser machines--get your machine answers for full capacity operation.

We provide support for all Chinese lasers, so contact us for parts or questions.

240 watt upgrade Chinese Laser Engraver metal tube laser

Don't overpay for your power upgrade. Contact us for competitive pricing.

Upgrade now while refurbished metal tube lasers are in stock!

Inquire about our fiber laser upgrade package.

Bell Laser manufactures and sells machinery to make parts and products.  Our machinery provides laser cutting and laser engraving for parts and products.  We are engineering oriented and very capable of improving existing laser machine performance (gas refill, better optics, new beam delivery), and upgrading them (new or refurbished higher power laser sources). See our product lines and learn from our expertise.

Featured New Product --

CO2 Laser Visualization Tool: Simplifies Beam Alignment by reducing an iterative process to realtime!

Mahoney CO2 Laser Visualization Tool

IMPORTANT:  Always follow CO2 laser safety requirements as specified by the government and LIA (Laser Institute of America). 

Visualization Tool for Laser Engraving Cutting Machines.

CO2 Laser Beam Alignment Visualization Tool

The beam alignment visualization tool can easily pay for itself with just one or several uses.

Examples include:

(1)  Visual spot check for the laser work table prior to running a laser job--to determine that the laser is aligned as needed for the material size to be lasered.

(2)  Fast correction for laser misalignment that causes not-straight cuts.

(3)  Fast correction for laser misalignment that causes laser engraving depth and quality to vary over the material.

(4)  Speedier laser beam alignment to ensure the laser machine is operating correctly.

(5)  Saving costly material losses by enabling frequent, fast laser beam alignment

(6)  Performing a full laser beam alignment without causing the risk of soot or sticky fumes floating onto expensive mirrors and optics.

(7)  Speedily adjusting laser tube alignment to match gantry alignment after standard beam alignment failed to produce adequate results.  In other words, rather than forgoing this alignment procedure because it took too much time using antiquated methods, laser operators get the full and complete beam alignment done to its maximum accuracy for their laser engraver/cutter machine because they do not quit early but see the alignment task through to completion.

The visualization tool shows the raw CO2 laser beam for CO2 lasers (8-11 microns) with at least 40 watts of power available illuminate the tool. Works for laser machines including CO2 lasers engravers and cutters with mirror mounts manufactured in China.  Laser machines include GW Weike, and others.

Each visualization tool is fully tested, aligned, and each tool has an engraved serial number.

Comes with instructions and convenient storage container.

OPTIONAL: Add camera viewing to enable your laptop/PC to show an enlarged live view of the CO2 laser beam displayed with cross-hairs.  The camera permits more convenient viewing as the laser operator's computer can be positioned to view while simultaneously adjusting mirror mount alignment, then jogging the gantry/focus assembly then further adjusting--all while the CO2 laser remains on with a visual beam for alignment calibration.


Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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