Acrylic Laser Cutting for Sign Shops

Very thick acrylic is laser cut for signage

Full Offering for Laser Cut Signs

Many of our sign companies require laser machines 48 inches wide and/or having a passthrough for larger signs.  A laser machine that is too small means that jobs are turned away.

Laser Cutting Acrylic is Different

Cutting acrylic means setting the laser power and air assist to provide an even flow for the acrylic--giving the smooth glass edge finish that sign customers desire.

Sufficient evacuation of acrylic fumes means that flame up is minimized, and in many cases prevented. 

Thick acrylic laser cutting demands a second focus lens designed for thick materials. This enhances the cut by reducing the material removed and providing a straighter edge.

Our laser tube provides the optics needed to ensure good quality cuts in all directions of movement. 

Material types and their corresponding laser machines are listed below.  See the examples to get a better understanding of the capabilities and breadth that a laser machine can offer you.

Laser engraving and cutting hard woods, soft woods, plywood, and polymer mixed woods.

CO2 laser engraved wood is popular in many aspects of the gift and woodworking i

Best Woods for Laser Engraving

Though all woods can be laser engraved, some are better than others.  Cherry and alderwood make fine engraving, but hard woods with a strong grain, such as oak, tend to have a raised grain after engraving.

Wood Shape

Small flat panels to large panels, and even tree stumps are laser engraved on Bell Laser Mica Series and BL Series machines.  Some of our customers lower the laser table the full 16 inches to insert cabinetry and wood stumps for fine engraving. Others use our pass-through for large panel processing.

Software to Print to Laser

The windows print driver for the laser machine is a popup that can operate from many different software packages.  Photographs can require adjustments, so special software is provided to automatically adjust the photos for the best laser engraving, or it can be done by a trained person using most popular graphics design softwares.

Clean Up after Laser Engraving and Cutting

Our specially designed laser nozzles provide compressed air so that you get the best laser engraving and cutting with the least charring.  Also, industrial alcohol or charcoal lighter fluid will do a very good job to remove small black particles and show the true color of the wood after engraving.  Engraved wood can also be filled with paint colors to provide a brillaint contrasting look to wood pieces.

Wood Laser Kits

Inquire about our Bell Laser wood laser kits. The kits include simple instructions and materials to create a laser wood engraved and laser wood cut sample using your laser machine. By utilizing our laser kit for learning, you will gain new skills and abilities to operate the laser machine to make even higher quality products.  Kits start at $9.95 plus shipping.

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Samples by Material Type

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