Pre-Owned Fiber Lasers

IPG 10 watt laser source for marking metals

IPG 20 watt laser source for marking metals

Pre-Owned IPG Laser for metals marking, 20 wattsSPI 100 watt for cutting metals

SPI 400 watt for cutting metals

SPI 100 watt laser

Save substantial money by outfitting your new machine with a Pre-Owned fiber laser.

As many buyers know, the fiber laser component is by far the highest cost part inside a laser machine.  And, the major fiber laser manufacturers claim 100,000 hours before a failure.

We stock and sell fully warrantied pre-owned fiber lasers that are installed in new laser machinery.

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Many companies purchased pre-owned laser sources because the sources st so many years. IPG Photonics, for example, has supplied fiber lasers for the Telecom industry that demands a 25 year life on products. This very long lifetime can be seen in fiber lasers operating in good condition for many years.

Bell_Laser_Laser_Processing_Machinery     Bell Laser LLC

High quality 3rd party components that save you money and provide great performance. Save money now by buying for less than Epilog Laser, Universal Laser, Trotec, and GCC charge.

Our demonstration of technical Know-How will help you separate the wheat from the chaff  to make your best decision on a laser machine upgrade or parts purchase.

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Pre-Owned Fiber Laser Sources in new Machinery

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