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If you would like an email or call back, then request it so we can discuss your laser processing needs to prove out your laser process.

Our laser sources include CO2 lasers, fiber, semiconductor, YAG lasers and also UV lasers.

Laser Safety Glasses are good protection during laboratory testing with open lea

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Laser Cutting
Laser Engraving (laser cuts below surface)
Laser Marking (laser discolors material surface)
Laser Drilling (laser powered on to drill a hole)
Laser Trepanning (Laser moves in a circular fashion to create a hole)
Laser Welding (polymers and metals)
Laser Ablation (laser burns away material, laser cleaning)
Laser Scribing (laser drilled holes or perforates to divide product later)
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When it comes to laser processing your samples, Bell Laser has the capability in engineering, experience, lasers, and machinery.  Our approach is to understand your needs and desires and get you the finest sample that you need.  Whether it is our standard laser models or a custom configured machine, we can get you the results you need.

Simply complete the form below so we can understand your needs.

Laser Laboratory Application Request Form

Minimize your package size by reducing sample size to only what is necessary for laser processing.

Complete the Form Below and Mail your Samples to:

Bell Laser - Applications Lab

93 S Jackson Street: #57426

Seattle, WA 98104

Tel: 800-385-6760

Bell_Laser_Laser_Processing_Machinery     Bell Laser LLC

High quality 3rd party components that save you money and provide great performance. Save money now by buying for less than Epilog Laser, Universal Laser, Trotec, and GCC charge.

Our demonstration of technical Know-How will help you separate the wheat from the chaff  to make your best decision on a laser machine upgrade or parts purchase.

113 Cherry Street
Seattle , WA 98104

ph: 800-385-6760

Laser Process Your Samples

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