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Precision Indexing Tables. Maximum Size 48" x 48"

Standard Sizes:

BL-LAM1212 - sized 12"x12"

BL-LAM2424 - sized 24" x 24"

BL-LAM3636 - sized 36" x 36"

BL-LAM4848 - sized 48" x 48"

Laser Marking is no longer limited to a tiny area (galvo maximum typical 6"x6").  Now, with our laser marking precision indexing tables, you get a simple machine that laser marks large items.  Common applications include instrument panels and control panels.  

Benefits of this laser machine are that very large items can be laser marked.  And, laser marked within one job, so no costly mistakes due to incorrect manual positioning. Get the job done correctly and quickly, every time with this large format laser marking machine.

Below: Helicopter Instrument Panel laser marked and indexed, so it ran during a single run/job from the computer.  


Below: 30 watt Fiber Laser marking machine with precision indexing table utilized to laser mark anodized aluminum.  Bell Laser offers the precision indexing tables with fiber lasers, diode lasers, and YAG lasers.  Select the best laser source for your application.

Precision Indexing Laser Marking Machine. Available in Fiber, Diode, and YAG.

Below: See videos on youtube showing this job in action.

Video One:  Maximum size of galvo mirrors marked, with precision index

Video Two:  Small area below galvo mirrors marked, with precision index

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High quality 3rd party components that save you money and provide great performance. Save money now by buying for less than Epilog Laser, Universal Laser, Trotec, and GCC charge.

Our demonstration of technical Know-How will help you separate the wheat from the chaff  to make your best decision on a laser machine upgrade or parts purchase.

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Large Area (up to 4'x4') Laser Marking

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