Why overpay for a fume extraction unit?  Or worse, have to over-pay for filters!  Get the best of both worlds with a low price fume extractor having all the same filters as those expensive guys, and low price spare filters that you purchase over the lifetime of the product use.

Let's face it. You could purchase a Fumex laser fume extractor, or a BOFA fume extractor, or even a Sentryair brand fume exhaust system for your laser machine. But why pay so much money, and for so many layers of salespeople and distributors.  Get the value you deserve with the Stockton fume extractor.

The Stockton F-1000 is versatile.  Great for new 3D printers.  Think about your health and safety in the shop as well as those nearby.  Get the affordable fume extractor today.

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Fume Extraction for CO2 Laser Engravers, Fiber Laser Markers, YAG laser markers

 Price: $912

Lowest Price Anywhere


Equipped with a powerful brushless DC blower. Filtration air cycling eliminates the need to vent to outdoors.

Stockton F-1000 fume extractor.  A brand new fume extractor with original packaging.

Common Applications

  • Laser engraving, welding, marking, cutting
  • Soldering, wave-soldering, reflow soldering
  • Chemical laboratory
  • Medical and Beauty

Fume Extractor Summary
Three filter layers for maximum protection.  Equipped with a powerful brushless DC blower.  Filtration air cycling eliminates the need to vent to outdoors by permitting air recirculation.  Pre-filter catches large particles.  Can be cleaned, typically every 2-3 months but depends on usage.  The middle/main HEPA filter captures 99.7% of particulate sized to 0.3 microns.  Activated carbon filter absorbs odors and diffuses many harmful gases.  Typical replacement for main and carbon filters is one year and depends on usage.  Runs on 110V AC.

Part Number F-1000
Item Weight 48 pounds
Product Dimensions 17 x 10 x 17 inches
Origin China
Item model number F-1000N
Color Black and White
Power Source AC
Voltage 110 volts
Wattage 120 watts
Item Package Quantity 1
Air Flow Capacity 118 CFM
Sound Level 55 dB
Extension Length 60 inches
Special Features Wheels

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Fume Extraction

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