Bristol Series

Bristol Series is a heavy and rugged line of laser machines designed to meet the special requirements of laser metal cutting machinery.

  • Heavy Duty CO2 Laser Cutting Machine cuts Steel sheet metal
  • High power YAG metal cutting laser cuts sheet metal
  • Side-by-side Comparison of YAG, Fiber, and CO2 sheet metal cutting machines
  • High power Xenon YAG laser cuts sheet metal at low cost
  • Fast Flowing Gas CO2 Lasers for Cutting Metals
  • Fiber lasers for cutting metals have lower operating costs but highest price
  • High power YAG cut metal samples
  • High power YAG laser cut speeds chart for various metals including steel and ss
  • CO2 Laser thick metal cut sample
  • CO2 Laser speeds versus thickness chart for metals cutting

  • Fiber laser cutting metals samples comparison and observations
  • Fiber Laser cutting metals speeds stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum
  • Advantages Summary YAG/Fiber/CO2 metals cutting laser machines
  • CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machinery Features
  • CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machinery Specifications
  • CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machinery Options and Consumable Items

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Bristol Series - Metal Cutters

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